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Read what some of our customers had to say about the service we provide.

"I have been in many cemeteries but this one has excelled them all. Of course it is their job to be professional but they go above and beyond. Mr. William Blakely made sure that I met almost everyone on his team even the people that buried my grandfather. He was most efficient and made me feel like family. I am sure they will make your family feel the same way. I loved Ms. Olivia, she made sure they treated my grandfather like he was the only one at this cemetery. If you want a beautiful burial with lots of options, call this cemetery, ask for Mr. William Blakely, he was super!I will never forget my experience with Detroit Memorial Park. "
--Diane Townsel
"I recently began looking for the burial site of my wife's mother who passed away when she was 9yrs old. Knowing only that she was at 13 mile and Ryan, I found Detroit Memorial in the yellow pages. Once having reached your office i spoke with Lavet (probably spelled wrong) who took the little information i had about my mother-in-law and assisted me in filling in the blanks. Thanks to Lavet we have all the information we need, and will be visiting your location this weekend. Once again Lavet my wife and I thank you. "
--Stewart Washington
"I have to concur with Ms. Townsel's testimony. I originally planned to bury my brother at Gethsemene Cemetery. However, after consulting with my sisters, we decided to go with DMP, which is where my relatives are buried. Mr. William Blakely not only assisted me with making the selection go smoothly, but he also was able to determine that my mother had an available plot that was purchased back in 1989. It was because of his determination that my brother is now buried with my mother. He deserves some sort of reward for his superior customer service skills. He goes above and beyond his duty. He took the time and answered all of my questions and ensured that our family was comfortable during this challenging period in our lives. He was able to add sunshine to our dismal days."
--Christine Jones
"I would like to express my thanks to Ms. Linda Walker at Detroit Memorial Park-East for her excellent customer service. She went above and beyond her duties to help me locate the burial records for many of our family members who left Texas in the late 30's and moved to Detroit in search of job opportunities. For years stories have been passed down about our missing relatives in Detroit and I decided to try to find them with the limited knowledge that I had. I contacted your cemetery and Ms. Walker responded by asking me the names of my relatives. She had limited information but was able to locate the year of death which enabled me to get death certificates from the State of Michigan. Although there are no headstones for my relatives I am so happy that Ms. Walker was able to help me solve this family history mystery. She also sent me a photo of the front of the cemetery since I am unable to travel to Michigan. As the family historian I will add this information to our written history with all the correspondence from your cemetery. Please add this letter to your website so that others will know what a great staff you have. I am constantly encouraging people to pursue their family history. If they chose to look deeper it can bring about amazing results. My thanks and sincere gratitude to Ms. Linda Walker for her assistance. Very truly yours, Captoria Shelby Dallas, Texas "
--Captoria Shelby
"We lost our beautiful Mother suddenly on 5/13/11 and were totally grief-stricken! However, it was LaVette at the Warren location that provided us with a very personal touch and extreme patience that helped to ease the pain that we were experiencing in selecting a burial site for our Mother. Thank you to LaVette as well as to the entire staff!"
--A. Carson
"Recently we lost our friend Dany, but we know she is resting at God's side, it is a wonderful angel. Thanks to all of the Detroit Memorial Park by attention to family and friends"
--Katy Voigt
"I can't begin to express my gratitude to Ms. Linda Walker. I emailed requesting assistance in locating a few missing family members. She called back the next day, and by the time we finished our phone call she had located the resting spots for over a dozen of our relations who passed away after 1950. Then she went back into her older records to find the relatives who passed away before 1940. Ms. Walker is an extremely caring person who understands the need of folks to connect with missing relations. She is a determined, thorough, compassionate detective, even going so far as to look at next of kin names to verify she'd found our relations and then discovering relations we were not aware of. She even told me about area place names that changed since I left home to join the Army; otherwise, I'd have been quite lost looking for the old landmarks. I look forward to thanking Ms. Walker someday in person and giving her a big hug from our extended family. She is a treasure worth more than all the money in the world, and I am honored and blessed to have had the opportunity to speak with her. Thank you so very, very much. Sincerely, MSG Rose Coop, US Army, Retired"
--MSG Rose Coop, US Army, Retired
"Visiting grave sites can sometimes be a sorrowful moment, but my visit on 8/28/2013 was just the opposite. This was all thanks to one of your groundskeeper by the name of Keith. He made my mother's day one filled with much laughter. Upon arrival I thought how difficult could it be especially with every site detailed on a map, huge mistake on my part. After calling the office they sent Keith out to assist. I can not express how helpful he was. I do need to mention that some of my love ones sites date back over 40yrs. Keith was gracious in every since of the word from assisting with his shovel to suggesting how often we should maintain. The one thing that rose his kindness to the next level was him lending an ear to my mother recalling numerous family stories. It is a beautiful thing when you were expecting to cry and someone makes you forget how sad you really are. Kindness is something you either have or don't, Keith certainly has it and for that I and my family were appreciative of today. Thank you Detroit Memorial and continues gratitude to Keith. "
--Karen Taylor
"To be going through such tough time, I can not believe how everything we went so smoothly. Ms. T did a phenomenal job from just the smile that sh she embraced us with from the moment that we stepped into the door. It It let us know that, everything will be ok. She called us to let us know not only what kind of picture, but the quality of picture that it must be. And how she wants this to look as best as it could possibly look for our loved one. Ms. T stayed with a smile on her face. Even when just speaking to her through the phone, and could hear her smile as she embraced the love of our lost one. Thank you Ms. T. quality of picture that it must be. And how she wants this to look as best as it could possibly look for our loved one. Ms. T stayed with a smile on her face. Even when just speaking to her through the phone, and could hear her smile as she embraced the love of our lost one. Thank you Ms. T."
--Mr. Miller
"Ms.Lavet has surpassed my expectations of customer service. She is very clear and detailed to insure my understanding. When my mom passed in 2015 she was empathetic and patient. Now with the passing of my father is also there. She made me comfortable and I felt like she was family and not a stranger "
--Wanda Stewart